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"Why are you doing all this? They said you could rest now. Why do you insist on going?"

About Fenimore

"You two are exactly alike. You're both clumsy and awkward. ...Now you look like you're going to cry. Pathetic."

True Name: Xelhes (blessing)
Age: 19 (considers herself 18 due to counting by birthdays; 15 on arrival)
Height: 156 cm / 5'1" (155 cm on arrival)
Wings: dark orange
Species: Ferines -- literally, "people of the water." An amphibious humanoid species with certain magical abilities. Past oppression has lead them to live in isolated, hidden villages, but they are held together by strong cultural traditions.
Style: Dresses in the white and blue layers of the Ferines style, though she sheds the outer layers in the hottest days of the year. Always wears long dresses which cover all but her head and hands, with leggings when there is a gap between her dress and her feet. Often seen wearing a silver necklace.
Family: Thyra (twin sister)
Residence: House 34, in the southeast of the village.
Housemates: Grune ([personal profile] lostinmyway), Norma ([personal profile] lookinforlight), Oscar ([personal profile] welnares), Sophie ([personal profile] lostlegacy), Walter ([personal profile] blackteriques)

Despite lacking any particularly outstanding capabilities for her people, Fenimore survived much that her home world threw at her and unintentionally had an influence on its future disproportionate to her ability though the people she encountered. She is not a stranger to the life of an imprisoned test subject, being the only member of her village to have survived both the attack and subsequent crude experiments conducted by her captors with implements of torture. The experience lead to the deaths of every last one of her friends and family, save for the possible survival of her sister, and left her with deep physical and emotional scars. It also gave her a renewed passion for her people's ancestral hatred of the Orerines, the "people of the land" or, as they called themselves, humans, but the events of her (largely unintentional) rescue lead her to examine and discard many of her prejudices.

She has grown in some ways in the past two years in Luceti, slowly becoming a little more thoughtful and open, and her new bonds have continued to push her comfort zone with humans ever farther. But fear, self-doubt, and other, darker feelings arising from her traumatic past remain largely repressed and hidden. It is far easier to pretend they do not exist than it is to confront herself and move on, leaving her reluctant to change. However, as Luceti continues to strip away her defences -- her culture, her closest friend, even any hope of return -- she may be unable to stand still forever, especially as disappearances within the house pile increasing responsibility upon her. But that is a story that only the future can tell.

"Could you still say that after they killed every last one of your friends and beat you half to death?"

Out of Character Information

Profile image sources: profile header art by waterlilly @ deviantart, pending permission; Kyoshi Warrior art by Sora, commissioned; linked Sophie art by [personal profile] vyctori; and stunningly beautiful bottom art by [ profile] erinilliana.

Fenimore is a character from the game Tales of Legendia, played in [community profile] luceti. All rights to Namco Bandai and Project Melfes.

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